From the pastor’s pen



June is a month centered on highlighting our children/youth.  Many of our children experience a number of challenges in their homes, at schools and the community. 

This is why the church must stand in the gap to give them spiritual strengths, values and encouragement to assist in helping to overcome their challenges.

 Events with the children and youth begin June 2nd with an Old School vs. New School Bowling Party – 4p.m.-7p.m. at the Brentwood Bowling Alley. Old School is preparing to give the New School some real lessons in bowling.  On Saturday, June 9th – the children and youth will lead a Mission Day.  A wonderful opportunity to show the love of Christ to others.  Sunday, June 10th will be children and youth Worship Day.  Youth from neighboring churches will join our youth in worship. Rev. Donald Jones, Jr. youth pastor of Greater New Hope Missionary Baptist Church and their youth choir will be our guests.  Let us support and encourage our children and youth with our presence in these events.  Show them that we care!!

Our events for children and youth will continue with Graduates Sunday, June 24th at 10:15 a.m.  Graduates will be recognized for their educational accomplishments.  This is a very special time for parents, children and youth and our church.  Education is still a pathway to success.  We congratulate these young people for their worthy achievements.

While we remember our children and youth, don’t forget our fathers.  Fathers should be remembered on June 17th.  Many fathers have been protectors, providers, and leaders in our families.  If your father is alive wish him “Happy Father’s Day.” 

Happy Fathers’ Day to all Fathers!


Yours in God’s Service,

Pastor James H. Cantrell

Pastor, Zion Baptist Church