From the pastor’s pen

Merry Christmas


Christmas is always a joyful time of the year.  Families gather to exchange gifts and share bountiful meals.  The trees, ornaments, lights and all the beautiful decorations make for added excitement–little children are aglow hoping St. Nick is on the way.  These are merely a sidebar to Christmas.


 However, we must remember that the first Christmas was about a homeless child in swaddling clothes, parents without notoriety and meager substances.  It was about a child who went unnoticed, unimportant and insignificant.  The world was busy seeking to pay and collect its taxes.  Under this backdrop, God gave us the greatest person to ever walk the earth — Jesus, His son, our Savior.


Christmas is evidence that God works in mysterious ways; His wonders to perform.


Those in the eyes of man and woman who seemed unproductive, unimportant and with little or no great contribution in society were cast aside.  If Mary and Joseph had been royalty, no squatting among cattle would have been tolerated. 


Today, God still sends the Marys and Josephs into our lives.  Does the church still have room for them?  Or do we seek to provide opportunity not knowing how God can lift even the least of these?!



Yours in God’s Service,

Pastor James H. Cantrell

Pastor, Zion Baptist Church