In the manner of Adam, who was given responsibility for caring for all God’s creations (Geneses 1:26), and of Joseph, who was made an overseer in Egypt because of his wisdom and diligence (Genesis 39:1-4), the trustees of Zion Baptist Church have been appointed by this body as financial stewards of the church’s finances and properties. Their diligence keeps the doors open, the heat on, and the money secure so that we can have the resources to do the work of God’s kingdom.


Contact the trustees with questions about church properties  and financial matters, including documentation for your donations for tax purposes.

Claude Audley, Chairperson




Giving. Simplified. Combine these two words, and you get Givelify.


Ready to bless Zion with your financial gifts…but it’s not Sunday?  Bad weather, illness, or travel preventing you from getting to service with your tithes and offerings? Want to automate your giving?  Now you can!  Give to Zion anytime, any place throughGivelify.  Click the “Give now with Givelify” button to use the on-line system or download the app to your smartphone or tablet.   Give one-time or set up a recurring donation. You automatically receive a receipt, the trustees automatically record your donation, and Zion automatically receives the money .   

If you need help setting up your account, contact Mimi Mickle by email or contact the church office for a phone number.  For more information on how Givelify works at Zion, contact the trustees through the church office




church staff

zion has a dedicated group of people who keep the church operating smoothly. contact the church office at 751-8608 if you have questions for them.


Linda Davis, Secretary

Phil Bowen, Custodian

Eric V. Oliver, Minister of Music

Contact members of the church staff at 513-751-8608 or by email.

Ministerial StaffDeacons