State of Ohio Covid-19 Vaccination Tool–Get The Shot Ohio

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As updated information is made available to us, we will share it.

The state of Ohio has created this tool for checking status and scheduling vaccines.  Click the picture or the link to the left to go to the state’s website. 

Other options are to call UC Health at 513-584-3673 or your county health department [Hamilton—513-946-7800, Butler–(513) 863-1770, Warren—513-695-SHOT (7468)].

Click the links to the right for those community organizations charged with overseeing distribution in this area.

Available through the month of March

Reflections on Black History Month

We thank the Board of Christian Education for bringing us this informative and engaging look into African-American history. The activities can be found below.  

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The Board of Christian Education


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Most other activities

are on hold until further notice.

Sunday, January 17
11 AM
(10:55 Prelude)


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Inspirational MLK Interfaith Worship Service: Sharing Dr. King’s Dream of One Nation

Thank you to all who participated in our Interfaith Worship Service & Celebration of Dr. King’s always timely message for people of all faiths.

We commemorated the life and mission of Dr. King during our regularly scheduled Sunday morning worship service.

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Reflections on Black History Month

The Board of Christian Education

“A Teaching Ministry Serving God’s People”

Mrs. Doris Jackson, Chairperson

Dr. Carter G. Woodson (1875-1950), started Negro History Week in 1926, chosen in the second week of February between the birthdays of Frederick Douglas and Abraham Lincoln, which evolved into Black History Month in 1976. 

    Dr. Woodson devoted his entire life to bringing the achievements of his race to the world’s attention.  He founded the Association For The Study of African American Life and History in 1915, and the Journal of Negro History in 1916.  He published the Miseducation of the Negro in 1933.  The Association for the Study of African American Life and History (ASLAH) held its 102nd Annual Meeting in Cincinnati, September 2017.

     “Every individual in the United States should study Black History.  Without this knowledge, one’s historical perspective is fragmented, distorted and incomplete.  While Black History shows the trials and tribulations experienced by African Americans, it more importantly celebrates the contributions, achievements and the overwhelming endurances of people.”    Anonymous

Click the matching game and test your Black History knowledge.  You might learn something or be inspired to share what you know with someone else.

Here are pictures of a few of those African-Americans (Coloreds, Negroes, Blacks). Can you match the faces to the names? Click the names to learn more about these pioneers.


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