Through the work of God’s Spirit, redeemed, restored, and resilient young people will lead transformed lives for Christ.

Youth Department Vision



We believe Christian discipleship, fellowship, and service is the model that God will use to raise up His church for such a time as this.

Youth Department Mission

Rev. Elaine Stubblefield,

Youth Department Coordinator

The Youth Department at Zion strives to transform the lives of young people–from preschoolers to teenagers–by providing opportunities to:

  • learn more about God, themselves, and the broader world
  • grow spiritually as disciples of Christ
  • fellowship with other Christ-seeking youth
  • develop and use their leadership skills and creativity
  • serve the community through community outreach activities 
  • witness to others about God’s power in their lives
  • be nurtured by spirit-filled, positive adults
  • have fun in a safe, spirit-filled environment


                                                     Hallelujah Night 2022



Youth activities & Programs


      YPLG Car Wash

  • Game Night
  • Hallelujah Night
  • Young People’s Music Workshop
  • Youth Talent Show & Smorgasbord
  • Zion Clean-Up & Car Wash
  • Young People’s Mission Project
  • Young People’s Leadership Group
  • Children’s Morning Worship

A dedicated worship & learning experience for children 12 and under held every 2nd Sunday.

  • Youth Sunday Worship Service

Every 5th Sunday, the youth lead morning worship for the entire congregation.


For more information on these youth activities, contact Rev. Elaine Stubblefield via email at




Making a Joyful Noise


Other youth-related ministries at Zion (click on the name for more information):

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